The Valencia Fund

The Valencia Fund has been designed to provide donors with a high-impact way to directly support the student educational experience at Valencia College. The core mission of Valencia College is to educate students. The Valencia Fund is the most direct way to support our amazing students and our core educational mission! Every dollar you donate to The Valencia Fund provides new and expanded educational opportunities for Valencia students - no matter the size of your contribution, your gift will make a real difference in the lives of Valencia students on every campus of the College!

Here are 10 ways your gift to The Valencia Fund will help Valencia students. Your gift will providing funding for:

  • Undergraduate Research - support for students to pursue undergraduate research projects under the supervision of our expert faculty;
  • S.O.S. Mini-Grants - S.O.S. Mini-Grants to help meet unexpected emergency needs of students to prevent them from dropping out of school for financial reasons;
  • Conference and Competition Participation - travel stipends for students to attend regional, state and national conferences and competitions to present papers and represent the College in academic and career competitions;
  • Sustainability and The Environment - project funding for campus initiatives to conserve energy, promote recycling, and help protect and steward of our campus and community environment;
  • Textbook Scholarships - support for text book purchases for students with financial need;
  • Cultural Opportunities - funding to bring thought leaders, nationally prominent artists, speakers, musicians, and performers of all types to campus to expand the intellectual and cultural horizons of students;
  • General Scholarship Support - funding to provide current use dollars to help meet the need for scholarship support for students with financial need;
  • Service Learning and Community Service - Funding for supplies and materials for students to participate in service learning and community service projects;
  • Career Exploration - funding for career development and exploration activities to assist students in learning about career fields and preparing for the world of work;
  • Global Perspectives - funding to enable students to participate in experiences that help them develop a global perspective of the world, along with an appreciation for other cultures;
  • And Much More


Whether you make a gift of $50, $500, or $5,000, every dollar you donate will be used to support life changing educational opportunities for students, along with high-impact innovations in the teaching and learning mission of the College. Make a difference today, Give Now!

Planned Giving

"Planned giving" is for people of all ages and economic statuses, and it doesn't have to be difficult. Join us by making a lasting legacy to change lives, transform the face of our community and help shape the future for Valencia's students.