Board of Directors - Committees


This committee includes the board officers, college trustees, college president, foundation president, alumni association rep, lifetime appointees and several at-large members. This committee meets quarterly and retains the authority to make decisions and approve policies. This committee is led by the foundation board chair.

Committee chair : Linda Landman-Gonzalez,

Board Development/Nominating

This committee serves as the role of encouraging recruitment, overseeing nominations and providing continuing development to board members, including these duties:

  • collecting nominations of board candidates
  • evaluating candidates and making recommendations to the board
  • defining board member job descriptions
  • orienting board members, new and oldspan>
  • overseeing the mentor matches of long-time and new board members
  • coordinating the mentoring program
  • evaluating board performance individually and as a whole
  • meeting with individual board members as needed to review performance
  • monitoring board terms, rotation and leadership progression
  • overseeing board development, strategic planning and other learning
  • identifying lapsed board members and recommending remediation
  • recognizing board members who exceed expectations
  • naming the annual board member and other notable members, donors and partners of the year

This committee is led by the foundation board chair.

Committee chair : Linda Landman-Gonzalez,

This committee is responsible for oversight of both operational and investment financial matters, including these duties:

  • overseeing the hiring of fund investment managers and consultants
  • evaluating the performance of managers and consultants, according to board policy
  • recommending the annual audit firm, process and document to the full board
  • reviewing financial statements quarterly
  • reviewing the operating budget quarterly
  • reviewing the annual 990 submission
  • recommending finance policies and policy revisions to the full board

This committee is led by the foundation's finance chair.

Committee chair: Lori Sims,

The purpose of this committee is to involve the board in the scholarship and awarding process. Committee members are given a packet of scholarship applications to review prior to meeting. At the committee meeting, participants select their top ten candidates to receive a foundation scholarship. Members also learn about endowed and non-endowed scholarships, types of selection processes, donor specific requirements, how budgets are created and how scholarships are disbursed.

This committee meets annually.

Committee chair: Kay Walters,

Strategic Storytelling
The purpose of this committee is to organize efforts to share the Valencia story with friends, donors, community and business partners. This committee will decide how to create a story platform and determine how the foundation tells our story. Over the next few months, the committee will address:

  • what are the stories we want to tell?
  • how do we tell these stories?
  • how do we use everyone's talents?

Committee chair: Jay Galbraith, 

Committees generally meet at least quarterly during the year. Board members are expected to participate as actively as they can, as these committees serve as resources to the full board. The committees review and evaluate vendors, processes, reports and documentation, and make recommendations about policies related to their particular area. Annual assignments are available each year to coordinate and work on special projects.

Planned Giving

"Planned giving" is for people of all ages and economic statuses, and it doesn't have to be difficult. Join us by making a lasting legacy to change lives, transform the face of our community and help shape the future for Valencia's students.


The Valencia College Foundation offers a number of privately funded scholarships that are donated by organizations and individuals interested in supporting Valencia’s students.