Scholarships: Testimonials

" Going back to school is a challenge that I took on to prove to myself, my kids, and even my mother that I can do well in school.I did not apply myself or try very hard in high school and I regret that. I look at this opportunity as a way to rise above that and any financial help I can get is greatly appreciated. I would like to thank you for your gracious scholarship award.  I feel really fortunate to have received this award."

Misty Dawson

"It is with humility and profound gratitude that I am thanking you for the scholarship that you have so kindly awarded me. As a first generation college student, I work hard in order to get the education my parents were not fortunate enough to get. I hope that with your help and my hard work, I will be able to achieve these goals and make my parents proud. "

Sal Valladares


" This scholarship means I can pursue my goals which may have not been possible otherwise because many things are cost-prohibitive. I hope to be able to give back to someone the way Valencia has always given to me. Valencia will always be home."

Aleeza Shah