How to Donate Appreciated Securities

The donation of appreciated securities is one of the least expensive and most cost effective ways to make a charitable gift to the Valencia College Foundation. If you own stocks that have increased or appreciated in value since you purchased them, donating a portion of them may be a great way to make your next gift to the Foundation.

Why is making a Gift of Appreciated Stock more cost effective than writing a check? When a donor directly transfers shares of a publically traded stock that has appreciated in value to the Valencia College Foundation they are able to take an income tax deduction at the full fair-market value of the stock on the day the stock is irrevocably donated. By doing this, the donor avoids having to pay any capital gains on the increase in the value of the stock from its original cost basis.

If you would like to make a stock gift or would like more information on how to make a stock gift, please contact the foundation at 407-582-3150.