Recipients of Category I Learning Leadership Chairs are designated Distinguished Professors and recipients of Category II Learning Leadership Chairs are Distinguished Scholars. Eligibility shall be confined to faculty on continuing contract who are full members of the Faculty Association --according to the Faculty Association Constitution-- at the time of application.

Criteria for Selection:
The following criteria will be considered in selecting an Endowed Chair Distinguished Professor (Category 1) or Distinguished Scholar (Category II):

Teaching Excellence: The applicant’s record of significant contributions made to student learning and to the applicant’s department, campus, and/or the college in recent years.

Proposed Learning Experience: The applicant’s description of a proposed learning experience outlining 1.) intended learning outcomes; 2.) the ways the money will support an endeavor in terms of the college’s mission, vision, and values and connection to student learning; and 3.) the process for assessing the applicant’s learning outcomes.

Use of Funds:
Based on donor intention, the use of funds varies between Categories I and II.

Faculty are awarded chairs with the intent of completing the agreed-upon project. Individuals will be asked to use their best professional judgment in making any changes to the details of the project, however, the scope and intent of the project is not negotiable. If the project cannot be completed as approved, the funds are to be returned to the Endowed Chair program for future Chair awards.

Category I:

In Category I, half of the award amount is designated as a personal stipend for the Distinguished Professor, with half distributed during Session 1 and the second half distributed during Session 2. Note: The Internal Revenue Service stipulates that any award in the amount of $600 or more is reportable income. The remaining half of the award will remain in the Foundation account to fund the proposed learning experience.

If a Distinguished Professor wishes to utilize the personal stipend to hire a part-time faculty member, thereby providing them with release time, the option may be discussed with the Distinguished Professor’s Dean. The approval of the Dean and Campus President are necessary for implementing this alternate use of the stipend.

Category II:

In Category II, the Distinguished Scholar’s entire award amount is designated to fund the proposed learning experience. The experience must enhance learning-centered activities and/or foster professional development departmentally, college-wide, within a discipline, or within the Central Florida community.

Proposed Learning Experience
Funds used toward either category’s proposed learning experience must be used for educational activities within the area specified by the chair and within any guidelines specified by the donor.

Such purposes include:
1. Sponsored residencies for outstanding academicians and practioners in the field to interact with our students and faculty;
2. Student instructional projects and field trips;
3. Acquisition of additional resource materials, literature, and audio-visual materials for the classroom, studio, and laboratory;
4. Travel and study stipends for professional renewal; and
5. Salary supplements to help in the recruitment and retention of outstanding scholars and career specialists. ‘

Distinguished Professors and Scholars shall be responsible for submitting an annual report to ODHR by June 30 of each academic year. The report will include a listing/narrative of activities and an accounting of program funds. An annual report form will be provided. Reports are compiled and forwarded to the President’s office, Foundation, and the Endowed Chairs donors.

 Sample Endowed Chair Application 1
 Sample Endowed Chair Application 2

Planned Giving

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